South America, Antarctica & Cuba

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Why Trust Us?

Why Trust Us. . . 

There are many companies out there offering tours to various regions through out the world, so why trust us?

Over 11 Years First Hand Experience

We have over 11 years first hand experience running tours through out South America and Africa. Having worked as a tour leader and driver/mechanic for various highly reputable and successful tour companies our destinational knowledge as well as knowledge of clients needs and expectations are second to none.

You will be surprised at how many directors of large international tour companies offering travel in South America have never actually been there and rely purely on second hand knowledge when designing their tours!

Due to this experience we have an intimate knowledge of South America. We know the roads, the sights, the culture, the people, the seasons and much more. We know where to find the best restaurants, who are the best local guides in each region, which local tour operators provide the best service, where to buy the freshest vegetables and have a very close connection with local agencies that help ensure we are constantly up to date with changing local conditions.

We have developed such a passion for South America, its landscapes, its people and its culture that we want to share with you all the beauty and wonder of this fantastic continent.

Strong Customer Focus

During our time on the road we always asked our clients what they thought could be done to improve the tours and took all of these suggestions on board when creating the Viva Expeditions travel experience.

One thing we noticed was the lack of group tour companies providing quality accommodation, small groups and inclusive packages. Most overland tour companies target the 18 – 35 age group. These budget tour options require a lot of participation from the clients such as cooking meals for the group, cleaning the vehicles, washing dishes, setting up camp and many other mundane and time consuming tasks. The alternative was expensive fly-in fly-out tours that visit only the main tourist attractions and nothing more.

And so Viva Expeditions was born to provide a fully catered comfortable tour package, allowing clients more time to enjoy the beauty of South America. We use only good central tourist class hotels and when camping we have 2 additional crew who drive ahead to set up walk-in tents, with proper bedding and who prepare all meals, take care of cleaning and other camp duties. Our tours are almost fully inclusive including  activities, park entrances and meals as outlined in our tour itineraries thus removing nasty hidden costs. Travelling overland we have the opportunity to really get to know each country that we visit and we have the opportunity to visit the remote more off-the-beaten-track areas while still visiting all the main attractions along the way.

Specialist South America Travel

Viva Expeditions is a specialist South American tour company.

Many other companies offer tours to multiple regions though out the world. The world is a very large place and with such a large product range it is very difficult to maintain high levels of service and local knowledge and at the same time provide a personal touch and strong customer focus.

We do not promise our customers the world, only the best of South America! Our focus is on you and your experience in Latin America. We are based in South America and keep constantly up to date with changing conditions andnew and exciting developments in order to provide you with the best South American travel experience possible.

We Use Only Professional Local Operators

Through out our tours it is often necessary to employ the services of local operators to provide various sightseeing activities and guiding services. Our local operators are carefully selected based on many things. These include the standard of service provided, the quality and safety standards of any equipment provided, the level of certification and licences held by the providers, and also the insurances that these operators possess. Another important aspect for us is the way these operators conduct themselves in regards to respecting local cultures and the environment.

For example we use a great Inca Trail company that is a fully licensed and fully insured Inca Trail operator. Their experienced guides are first aid trained and carry a comprehensive first aid kit as well as oxygen is areas of high altitude. This company runs many community projects focusing specifically on the Inca trail porters and their communities and as such are giving something back to the people of Peru (more information about these projects can be found in our responsible travel section).


We are a fully insured tour operator. Our vehicles and our crew hold comprehensive insurance and the company holds extensive insurances to protect against any unforeseen circumstances. 

Booking Conditions

Viva Expeditions booking conditions have been carefully prepared to protect you in regards to health & fitness requirements, conditions of booking and in the event of cancellations or amendments due to unforeseen circumstances. Conditions are clearly laid out so that you can be very clear about any requirements and as such this avoids any confusion at a later date.

These conditions also act as a legally binding promise from us to you to provide the service that we are advertising.

Other Companies Trust Us

We work with large adventure travel operators worldwide. These include Adventure World in New Zealand & Australia. These agencies & wholesale travel agencies require the utmost in regards to standard of service, quality of equipment, and legal guarantees such as insurances & booking conditions.