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    Take a look at some of our favourite tours encompassing multiple South American destinations.  Take the grand tour of South America and visit the top attractions this wonderful continient has on offfer or perhaps look at the shorter two or three week itineraries that we have on offer.  And remember, many of these tous can be completely customised or extended to suit you. 

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    Patagonia is a region located in Southern Argentina and Chile. This vast natural reserve is home to nature in its purest state. Discover the majestic peaks of the Andes, the towering glaciers of the southern ice fields, the remote Patagonian steppe and the southern island of Tierra del Fuego. From nature reserves to national parks this is a region of unspoilt beauty, a breath-taking and unforgettable adventure.

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    Chile occupies a long, narrow coastal strip between the Andes Mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.  In the north the Atacama Desert is the world’s driest desert. Central Chile boasts fertile valleys and wine regions, coastal resorts and Santiago, the countries cosmopolitan capital. Southern Chiles imposing scenery is awe-inspiring. With vast national parks, dense forested areas, fiords, lakes and more.

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    Argentina is a country of beauty, passion and exuberance. The passion of the people can be seen in rich culture, fiery tango, staunch gauchos, great food and fine wines. The natural wonders are astounding. Just a few highlights include the magnificent Iguacu Falls, the breathtaking glaciers of southern Patagonia, the scenic lakes district, the western wine regions and much more.

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    Antarctica is Earth's southernmost continent.  Nowhere will you find a comparison to this vast white wilderness. Quite simply, it is a place of magnificent beauty and untouched wilderness.  Antarctica’s wildlife is legendary and at its most active in the austral summer months.  During this time a multitude of wildlife including seals, whales, penguins and an array of other seabirds migrate to the continent to breed and survive, feeding on the virtually unlimited supply of krill, crustaceans, and fish.  Let us help you discover Earth's last unspoilt frontier.

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    Peru is a land rich in history and culture, a land ruled by ancient civilizations that left their mark on the countries impressive landscapes. Discover an abundant coastline and desert dunes rich in archaeological treasures. Learn about the Incas and visit the famous ruins of Machu Picchu; visit Lake Titicaca or explore the wonders of the Amazon Jungle. Abounding in natural beauty and alive with a vibrant and colourful culture a journey through Peru will be an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.

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    “The roof top of the World” – this mountain nation extends from the Andean highlands down to the Amazon Basin, and contains almost every type of eco-system. From the high mountain ranges of the Andes and the vast expanses of the Altiplano regions to the depths of the Amazon jungle, Bolivia offers the traveller a vast array of options. With its centuries of Spanish rule and its strong indigenous culture, this is a land of deep traditions, its people stanchly proud of their history.

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    Brazil covers nearly half of South America. The Amazon jungle covers a third of the country and is drained by the mighty Amazon River and its tributaries. The tropical coast boasts stunning beaches and coastal cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia. The western wetlands are abundant in exotic wildlife and the Iguacu falls are a magnificent sight. Why not visit Rio Carnival, celebrate Mardi Gras Brazilian style at the largest party on earth!

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    Ecuador is one of the world’s most environmentally diverse places with fascinating geography and unique landscapes. Explore the avenue of the volcano’s and the impressive mountain villages in the Andes, be amazed by the mysteries of the vast Amazon jungle, or relax on the warm, sunny beaches of the pacific coast. Ecuador is a vibrant and exciting country full of hidden treasures.


    The Galapagos Islands are perhaps the most abundant of marine parks in the world.  You will be privileged enough to interact closely with marine life of Latin America like never before. Get up close and personal with playful penguins and cheeky sea lions, swim alongside giant turtles and walk amongst marine iguanas, blue footed boobies and many other species of marine fauna.  

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    The Amazon Jungle is the largest and densest rainforest in the world.  It represents the highest level of biodiversity and is one of the most unique and most threatened environments on Earth and is home to more than half of the world's estimated ten million species of plants, animals and insects.  It is hard to explain the feeling of being in an area of such intrigue and wonder, an area so alive, so natural, and so very mysterious.   We offer a range of Amazon Jungle Lodges as well as Amazon River cruises with packages that can be tailored to meet your travel needs.


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    Heavily influenced by a colonial past, contemporary Cuba has a rich mix of cultures. The people are warm and friendly, the landscape is breathtaking and the architecture is a celebration of ingenuity. The beats of salsa, rumba and the cha cha cha fill the bustling streets and a hint of revolution is on every street corner. Cuba boasts many UNESCO classifications, including biospheres and world heritage sites.  Simply put, Cuba is intoxicating and visually exciting.

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    Mexico is a country overwhelmed with history, rich culture and stunning nature. It is home to some of the most impressive archeological sites of ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations, and beautiful nature raging from deserts, mountains and volcanoes. Immerse yourself in the unique culture of Mexico by participating in the most famous festival to celebrate the Day of the Dead and enjoy the traditional Mexican dishes including tacos and guacamole.


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    Guatemala is a developing nation with stunning natural beauty and compelling  places for travellers. The nature ranges from white sandy Caribbean beaches to tropical jungles and is full of cultural and historical appeal. Explore the ancient Mayan settlements located deep in the jungle, enjoy the perfectly captured colonial cities and visit beautiful lake surrounded by volcanic ash and three cone-shaped volcanoes.

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    Belize, a country that offers some of the most stunning scenery in the region, ranging from tropical rainforests to Caribbean Sea shoreline and incredible Mayan ruins. Visit the massive Barrier Reef, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enjoy the perfect beach holidays in Belize District and explore the rich wildlife in Cayo District.


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    Discover Costa Rica, the rain forested country In Central America. Explore active volcanoes, vibrant towns, plentiful white sand beaches and unspoiled forests with rich tropical wildlife. In Spanish Costa Rica means “rich coast” that can be witnessed while visiting this stunning country!

  • Nicaragua

    Nicaragua, a country that lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea overflows with natural beauty and places to visit. The country is known for sandy beaches, picturesque colonial towns, six active volcanoes and primary-growth rainforests.

  • Honduras

    Explore Honduras, a Central American country with vibrant and fascinating atmosphere. Known for its ancient Maya ruins of Copan, white sand Caribbean beaches & Coral reefs, magnificent scenery of many national parks and unique wildlife, Honduras is waiting to be discovered.

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    From easy to very challenging, there are many great opportunities for trekking in the Andes and other locations provide ample opportunity to trek, hike and climb in awesome surroundings.
    South America's varied and spectacular natural attractions, archaeological ruins and recreational opportunities give hikers and trekkers ample choice.  Here you will find just a few of the great treks available.   If you do not find what you are looking for in this list then please contact us and I am sure we will be able to assist you find your perfect trek.

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    Viva Expeditions, Venus Adventures and Apus Peru are three female owned and operated companies who have joined to bring you these exclusive women only tours of Peru.

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    Travelling on one of our “Overland Expeditions” is the best way to obtain a genuine insight into the people, the cultures and the landscapes of South America. These fully escorted small group tours allow you to really get out and explore the regions through which we travel in a social, safe and fun environment. Travel in one of our purpose built, deluxe expedition vehicles* and enjoy the comforts of quality tourist class hotels and luxury camps throughout your journey.